SPEED PAYS. Whatever the industry, it’s becoming increasingly clear that gaining time is paramount. And the real winners will be the companies who are best at capturing, analysing, processing and taking a farsighted approach to handling enormous volumes of data in real time. Another aspect of time is the ability to quickly develop sustainable business processes that support the company’s long-term strategy and proactively meet requirements from customers and the world around us. Business processes that boost your competitiveness today and tomorrow. This is where Implema comes into the picture.

THE FASTEST ROUTE TO THE BUSINESS SYSTEMS OF THE FUTURE. Implema is known for fast and successful implementation projects and secure, long-term customer relationships. The secret? Firstly, we use standard components based on the most modern and powerful business systems on the market – SAP and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Secondly, each stage of a project is well judged and effectively managed with a carefully defined schedule, budget and business advantage. And all done in accordance with Implema Instant, our unique project model. Last but not least, we understand both the technology and the business side of things, and create strong teams with you – the customer – at the centre.

GUIDED BY YOUR NEEDS. Meeting your needs doesn’t necessarily mean a completely new business system. Put simply, we help you future-proof your business processes in three different ways: implementing a completely new business system, migrating your existing system to the next generation or developing your existing system by means of continuous improvement. However, the requirements differ slightly for SAP and Dynamics 365 – why not contact us to discuss your needs?

THE IMPLEMA EFFECT. We deliver fast projects that minimise risk, lower costs and enable sustainable business processes. Always on time and budget. And always with the focus on you being satisfied with the result.
The journey has started. Let us guide you onwards.

OUR VALUES. Five core words underpin our brand, define our culture and guide us in our work to continuously develop our customers and ourselves. These words are: Teamwork, Inspiration, Quality, Commitment and Courage.

A SAFE CHOICE. Implema is a certified SAP Platinum Partner and certified Microsoft XX, and we have won a number of prizes for our business system solutions. The company has been awarded the highest AAA credit rating for 11 years in a row and is quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.